About WeSearchTogether

In 2010, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and the University of Michigan Depression Center joined together to create a consumer clearinghouse for depression and bipolar research. The clearinghouse, now called WeSearchTogether.org provides researchers with the opportunity to connect with people living with mood disorders who are considering participating in research and provides potential research participants with the opportunity to learn more about research, and to have a voice in the priorities, direction and evaluation of depression and bipolar research.

WeSearchTogether was developed to:

  • Answer general questions about research

  • Provide information for individuals to make informed decisions about participating in research

  • Offer opportunities for people living with mood disorders and their families to get involved in research

  • Provide feedback to researchers on ways to best engage people living with mood disorders in research

  • Create dialogues in community settings to help individuals learn more about research and the need for participants