How long will it take?

Every study is different. Studies can take a few minutes, a few weeks, or a few years, depending on the study topic and activities. Here are some examples of study activities that might takeā€¦

A few minutes:

Filling out a survey
Giving a saliva or blood sample

A few hours:

Psychological tests
Tasks or games to understand your thinking
Scans to look at your brain (such as PET or MRI)

A few weeks or months:

Using a treatment like medicine or talk therapy
Exercising, Getting regular sleep, or another behavior that could impact mental health

A few years or decades:

Reporting your condition over time with surveys, regular interviews or check-ups, or in other ways

You can ask a staff person how long a study takes, and decide if it fits into your schedule. Participating in studies of any length will get us closer to understanding more about depression and bipolar disorder. Remember, you can stop participating in any trial at any time for any reason.

Watch this video about the length of time various depression and bipolar studies might take.