Romantic Relationships and Bipolar Disorder

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Study Title: Romantic Relationships and Bipolar Disorder

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Principal Investigator name: Sheri Johnson  

Condition(s) being studied: Bipolar Disorder


This study protocol does not include a treatment intervention.
(such as medication, talk therapy, or another therapeutic intervention)

Study Description

At the Cal Mania Program at the University of California, Berkeley, many of our participants tell us about how romantic partners throughout their lives have been key helpers and how they get in the way of staying well while managing bipolar disorder. After hearing many stories like these, we decided to create a study to learn more about the role of romantic partners and to gather information on the kinds of helpful attitudes, behaviors, and strategies that support healthy lives for those with the disorder. We are recruiting single, dating, and married people with bipolar disorder who are interested in sharing their relationship stories with us in an online survey. Your stories will help shape tools for fostering supportive romantic relationships for others who are living with bipolar. We are also seeking couples in the Bay Area of California who are managing bipolar disorder. If you are currently in a relationship and in the area, please contact us for more information.

What will I do?

Anyone interested who meets criteria will take a simple online survey. For individuals who are currently in a relationship in the Bay Area with partners who are interested in participating, activities will include (1) a 15 to 30-minute phone interview, (2) an 1-3 hour interview on campus, and (3) a 1-2 hour session on campus with questionnaires and a video-taped interaction between partners. Video and audio recordings WILL NOT be use for any other purposes beyond data analysis and will not be publicized or published. Couples who come in will be compensated for their time spent on campus.

Participants are NOT required to attend this study in person.

Where is the study being conducted? University of California, Berkeley Cal Mania Program 2231 Tolman Hall Berkeley, CA, 94720
Who is sponsoring the study? UC Berkeley  
Internal Review Board Approval Number: 2011-03-2967  
Telephone number: 510-642-7461  
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